• K Smith

Dreams Can Be a Reality.

I believe most people have dreams. Dreams of becoming an actor or rockstar or famous youtuber or even just owning their own business or traveling the world. Dreams are a part of being human and actually very important to have, but, they will never become reality until you take steps to make them happen.

Wanting something just isn't enough. You can't become debt-free without budgeting or lose weight without changing your diet. Without a plan that alters your regular daily habits, your life will likely stay the same.

Some people live by accident, always reacting, never being pro-active. They don't really have specific goals and life just 'happens' to them...they are just being blown in the wind whatever direction it takes them. Then there are other people who try to control every aspect and detail of their life and work hard and meticulously every day but they have no real direction and maybe they have put their dreams aside out of fear or lack of confidence in themselves. Many people don't even create plans because they just love having their dreams too much, which may be out of this world or not even close to reality. How will you achieve your dreams without a clear and careful plan?

Moving forward in any area of your life will involve having discipline, delaying gratification and making efforts with the chance of struggles, frustrations and daily setbacks. You'll need to take time to overcome any excuses you make for "why you can't do this" or "why you should just give up".

You will have to manage criticism, possible negative feedback and some sacrifice in things you once enjoyed spending more time on the details and sometimes difficult tasks that will push you towards your goals.

Also - you'll have to struggle with the feeling or fact that likely nobody cares but you. Your dreams could rely solely on you for drive, motivation and passion.

The journey towards building lasting and meaningful things in life isn't glamorous; it's messy and exhausting and often very hard work!

Your road won't be paved with cheerleaders rooting you on, nor will you be instantly rewarded with thousands of followers.

We've all been there. You have a great idea for a new business, project or adventure, and you can't wait to get started following your dream. But without a plan, your great idea is just that...a dream. In order to turn your dreams into reality, you need to create a carefully detailed plan and put it into action!

First, you just need to start... Take a step. Take time to carefully write up a plan and then, stick to it no matter how boring or mundane it looks; how repetitive it is or how long it will take to follow through.

You are worth it and your dreams may just be life changing, not just for you, but for others around you!

Your dreams CAN become a reality - you just have to put in the hard work to make it happen. My question for you? What is standing in the way of you finding your dream?

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