I have been passionate about mental health and wellness and helping people to feel better and do better in their lives since I was a young adult.
I love to come along side people with compassion and kindness while navigating through
and overcoming the negative effects of their past experiences and choices to create new,
positive and helpful ways of thinking and living, ultimately to find more peace, purpose,
joy and fulfillment in life.

As a Mental Health and Wellness Practitioner, I strive to use my knowledge and understanding of the various modern applied psychologies and best practices in therapy, coaching and counseling in order to create a comfortable and safe environment for you to work on your
challenges and concerns.


I don't believe it takes a lot of time to get to a place where you can feel whole, more in control
and living the life you truly desire. You can see results very quickly when you are able
to examine life's challenges by looking at the unhelpful thoughts and beliefs we can get stuck in
and where they come from in order to better understand the source of specific
behaviors and emotional patterns and how they are not serving us well.

Please call or email me to
schedule your first appointment.

I sincerely look forward to working with you.