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About Me

I am a wife for over 24 years, have 2 amazing adult boys and currently live in the beautiful
Fraser Valley in BC. I am a musician and love to cook and do anything outside close to water!
As a young adult, I discovered my passion for mental health and wellness
and assisting individuals in feeling better and making healthy progress in their lives.

With empathy and kindness, I seek to guide individuals through the impact of past experiences and
decisions, learned behaviors and habits, to establish healthy, positive, and beneficial ways
of thinking, behaving and living our daily lives.

The ultimate goal is to help my clients discover a sense of purpose and finding a happier, more fulfilling life.

As a Life Coach, Mental Health and Wellness Practitioner, I apply modern applied psychology,
coaching, and counseling best practices to provide a comfortable and
safe environment for addressing concerns and life's challenges.

I truly believe that achieving real peace. joy and living the life you desire does not require
a significant amount of time. By examining life's obstacles in the right way,
results can be achieved quickly. I am committed to helping my clients reach that place.

Please contact me via email or phone to schedule your first appointment.
I look forward to collaborating with you.

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